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The Importance of Good Sitting Posture: Tips for Maintaining Healthy Spine & Hip Alignment

Sitting is an activity many of us do or must do for many hours of our day to do our work.  

Studies have shown the risks of prolonged sitting can include back, neck, and shoulder pain, digestive issues, and could even lead to early death.  So if you must sit, what is the best way to sit?

Look at the pictures below.  Which do you think looks like the best way to sit?

That was kind of a trick question...none of the above is an ideal way to sit. 

The one thing each of these has in common is the position of the pelvis.  Each individual above is sitting with the pelvis rolled underneath them.  This posture flexes the low back or lumbar spine and places all the muscles, ligaments, and tendons on a prolonged stretch, and pressure on the spinal discs.  Over time this can lead to SI issues, chronic low back tightness, pain, disc issue, and more.

If you must sit for long periods of time if driving, working, etc., then be sure to sit as optimal as possible.

Sit up on your SITS bones. Those are the bony prominences on the bottom of your glutes.  When you sit here you are sitting on the broadest or widest part of your hips versus sitting with them lower you sit on your tailbone or sacrum which is a narrow base.

This may be hard to do for long periods of time.  Remember sitting is not good for long periods of time.  Be sure to get up and walk around.  When you return to your seat, once again, prop up on your SITS bones.

Seats in many cars promote non-optimal sitting with the bucket seat. As best you can position yourself correctly and readjust as needed.  You may need to buy some cushioning to help get your hips up higher.

If you have questions about sitting or other aspects of posture and what is right for you and your body, reach out.  We can help.

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