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How Deep Core Exercises Can Help Support Your Spine

Have you heard you must strengthen your core to help your lower back or spine?

There are core muscles that help support your spine. The literature states they 'provide structural support.' 

In our last installment, we spoke about the diaphragm, the deepest core muscle in various attachments, and one is to the spine.

Another deep core muscle is the transverse abominus.  This muscle is underneath the core muscles we think of working on in the gym.  It wraps around our waste and extends from our ribs to the pelvis and around the spine.

It provides support to our spine and helps hold in our abdominal contents like our organs. Working efficiently automatically stabilizes our spine when we move our arms, legs, etc.

 Surgery, trauma, inflammation, and habits can affect how this muscle works and supports our spine and abdomen.

If you struggle with back or core issues and wondering how to train your deep core muscles, reach out. We can help.

Your body.  Your move.

For more information, Check IMS's Move Well webinar conducted by Jenice Mattek

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