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Why She Digs Functional Fitness

Deidra Champagne spends all day making beautiful floral arrangements at her business. And in her off-time, you can find her sweating it out at the gym, staying strong, limber and fit for the demands of running her shop and enjoying her vegetable garden at home. Deidra, 57, has been working out with resistance and cardio training for about a decade. Her main motivations including preventing an injury from all the squatting, lifting, twisting and carrying she must do at her job. “I wasn’t moving properly before,” she says. “When you’re young, you just pick things up.” But when she couldn’t lift anything above her head to place it on a high shelf, she knew she needed help. She uses a trainer three times a week who helps her with mobility, balance, strength and fluid motion. She’s able to enjoy long days now, with better posture, fewer headaches, and less back pain. She likes gardening because, “You can move at your own pace, so aging shouldn’t be an issue. You can slow down, and I see it as a meditation. It’s good to be outside.” And gym-time helps her do all of that. “It’s non-negotiable,” she says about her workout schedule. “There’s a lot of stress involved in running your own business,” plus physical challenges like carrying floral displays weighed down by water, and standing on her feet. “I look forward to going because I see the benefit,” Deidra says. “It gives me energy all day. It’s investing in myself.” Like tending a garden, you might say.

In the times we find ourselves in it is more vital than ever to train. Movement is medicine and even though Pacific Fitness & Coaching isn't taking clients in person--we ARE able to conduct online classes and even coach clients in a Small Group setting--all giving you a program tailored to you and your needs and goals!

Contact us today at (503)489-5838 or email me at

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