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What to Get the Over-40 Fitness Enthusiast or Newbie This Year

Shopping to encourage fitness is easy and fun. Just think of how much of a boost you’ll be giving your loved one to get fit or stay fit. We’ve rounded up some great ideas that cover all price ranges. And, if you happen to get something for yourself along the way, well… it’ll be our secret.

  1. A Fitness Tracker: Ever since I went to Todd Durkin's 3.5 Day Mentorship, I have been a huge fan of the Myzone fitness tracker! It is amazingly accurate at 99.4%! Check out their website at .

  2. A Theragun. These hand-held massage devices have made a big splash and have been showing up in gyms and studios everywhere. They offer deeper muscle treatment to soothe chronic and acute pain, release tension and soreness, and improve circulation, flexibility and sleep. From $249.

  3. Daily Harvest Gift Box. Smoothies, soups, harvest bowls – all full of fresh, healthy ingredients – will be delivered so the recipient can mix for easy eating. Send a nine-item box for $75.

  4. One of the best gifts can be found right here at Pacific Fitness & Coaching--you can the best gift--the gift of health! We have gift certificates available for every program but we recommend the 30 day Trial Membership so they can enjoy the ENTIRE PFC Experience!

  5. Your time. Of course, the best gift is your time. Take your friend or family member for a walk. Toss a ball in the backyard. Even better – bring them in here and let us show how we can make the new year their best yet!

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