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New Centenarian Has No-Nonsense Advice

Want an example of how exercise helps you live to be 100?

Meet “Mr. Bruno,” who discussed turning 100 at Anytime Fitness in Riverview, Florida, where he works out three times a week.

“I love having a place that’s close that I can go to keep active,” he says.

He missed it during the quarantine – and has simple advice for anybody who’s not exercising.

“Get off you’re a** and go to the gym. You gotta keep moving. If you’re not exercising, you’re gonna go down, down, down,” he says on an awesome video the gym posted on Facebook.

More people than ever are living to 100. And experts say people will continue to reach the milestone more commonly in the decades to come.

Not surprisingly, exercise is key to longevity like Bruno’s. So is a bright outlook.

Bruno says he kept working out at home and going for walks when the gym was forced to be closed. Bruno’s wife says he needed physical therapy in the home and had to use a cane. He was more than ready to get back in after the Anytime Fitness reopened so he could regain his mobility and strength.

“I couldn’t wait,” he said. “It makes a lot of difference. I missed it. It’s a part of my life.”

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