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Stuck at Home? Don’t Just Sit There!

We can’t get around as freely as before the coronavirus crisis, but we don’t have to take it sitting down.

Just the opposite actually. Too much sitting was already identified as a health hazard in recent years, particularly among mature adults. It has been blamed for increasing the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and premature aging, as well as cognitive decline among mature adults.

Sitting too much can hurt you even if you exercise regularly, the American Cancer Society says.

So now that we’re all spending more time at home, we need to make sure we’re not resting on our behinds even more than we were before!

A byproduct of too much sitting is tightened hip flexors, which hinder our posture, gait and athletic performance. And even though we might be working less, we’re still at our desks and computers, rounding our backs and straining our necks.

Proper exercise can relieve the muscle soreness and tension to improve your walking, comfort and mobility. Plenty of simple at-home exercises will do the trick, and we can show you how.

In addition, remember to rise more and walk around. Break up an hour of sitting with a couple of minutes of light activity. Just turn off the TV and the computer, stand, stretch and walk around the house, if nothing else.

The cancer society suggests we:

  • Stand to fold laundry

  • Exercise or stretch while watching TV

  • Walk around during commercials

Stand up for your health, now more than ever.

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