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Stay in Travel-Ready Condition

Remember travel?

Remember what it was like to make plans to visit somewhere special – for a new adventure, or a return to somewhere familiar?

Remember then actually getting on an airplane? And staying in a hotel and eating in restaurants and ….

Ah, well… As we finish the summer of Covid, it’s important to remember that someday when the pandemic is over, we will be able roam the world more freely again.

Travel is one of the main reasons why people over 50 want to stay healthy and strong as they age. So, don’t let this surreal period of time lull you into bad habits, lethargy and gaining weight.

Stay ready for the eventual return to travel with strength training, cardio exercise, and agility/balance work. Watch out for stress eating and too much TV time. If it helps, daydream about your next vacation or two. Here are some classics for mature travelers:

· Paris, Rome, and other great cities of Europe. You’ve always wanted to roam the streets, climb the famous stairs, and tour the cathedrals.

· Hiking on trails that are in faraway states or countries.

· Biking through wine country.

· Golfing with old friends.

· Teaching the grandkids how to swim.

· Competing in an Ironman triathlon in Hawaii.

And you’ll still be able travel as you’ve always wanted if you don’t let Covid ruin your healthy living plans.

So, whatever your current fitness level – and wherever you want to visit as soon as possible – tell us about your travel dreams. We’ll help you make them come true someday.

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