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Do you experience chronic pain or tightness?

When did you stop reaching for things on the high shelf?
Leave something you dropped on the floor because it too painful to pick it up?
Become unable to sit on the floor to pay with your kids or grandkids?

We give up our lives slowly--one choice at a time--unnoticed.

We stop lifting, stop reaching, stop bending, stop playing, stop walking...
We stop doing the things we NEED, WANT and LOVE to do...
And we don't realize it--until one day--we do.

One person wants to get out of a chair. Another person wants to run a marathon. Another wants to live an active, vibrant lifestyle.

When was the last time someone asked you what YOU WANTED to do...
And you wondered if it mattered.



Our Mission Statement

"Empowering Champions of Life"

Facing Forward Fitness strives to create a God-centered experience that inspires, equips, and empowers active agers  (50+) to become Champions of Life!  Our specially designed fitness studio is a lighthouse of healing, health, and hope with programs that build strength, stamina, and balance. Our lighthouse includes people of all shapes, sizes, and motivations--grandmothers and grandfathers to weekend warriors--people suffering from chronic pain or stress and people seeking to avoid these chronic maladies. We welcome people wanting to lose weight, lower blood pressure or cholesterol and people simply wanting to feel or look better. Our studio is a special place--an energetic, motivating and positive environment where communities are made and lives are transformed.​​​​​​

Powered by Integrative Movement Systems TM 


Sarah and Mark opened Facing Forward Fitness to help people over 50 to improve their lives by working on more than just their physical body. While working on our physical health (Healthset) is extremely important as we age, so too is looking at our Soulset, Mindset, and Heartset. That is where goals are reached, permanent change is achieved, and joy is found. We passionately believe that working on getting healthy in all these areas improves our Clients’ overall lives, so we opened a small studio where people could get individualized attention to help them reach their fitness goals in a positive, uplifting environment that also includes access to Life Coaching and small groups working on spiritual and emotional healing.​


Mark Pearson, M.A., M.Div., in an accomplished martial artist, pastor, athletic trainer, fitness coach, author, and speaker who motivates and inspires others to be Champions of Life.  A former United States Marine, SWAT/SERT police officer, and competitive martial artist, Mark moved to the Pacific Northwest to attend Bible College. While in seminary, he suffered a hip injury that ended his martial arts career. He was told he would never kick or run again and ultimately gained 40 pounds. It was during this time of healing and rehab that he found his mission - “I want to help people be a Champion of Life. I want to help them take back the time that fear has stolen. Because it’s not just pain, but also fear that is introduced to us in life.”


​Sarah Seaborne, CPLC, is a professional Life Coach, author, and martial artist. After years working in the legal field, Sarah attended Christian Coaching Institute  ( to help people through the inescapable changes that happen in life.  Whether you’re deciding to make a change or figuring out how to deal with changes that are out of your control, Sarah strives to help you discover who you are now and who you want to be in the future – “We can’t change the past, but we can begin today to decide what kind of future we want and what we’re willing to do to achieve it. ”​If you’ve never worked out before (more than 80% of Americans have never been in a fitness studio or gym), or you used to work out but haven’t in a while, we want to work with you. We speak beginner. We speak second chances. Mostly, we speak acceptance and possibilities.


See what our members are saying...

Facing Forward Fitness is ohana--a family and community of like-minded people who support and encourage one another as they strive to live their BEST LIVES NOW!

After a fender-bender my right knee was strongly bent inward. Because of this I was experiencing constant low back aches. My left leg took over a lot off the work from the right and that further weakened the right leg and hip. Chiropractor after chiropractor were not fixing the underlying problem.


Under Mark’s precise guidance, I have restored more balance to my stance, the back aches are gone, the right knee has straightened by inches, and I am fitter and more supple than most of my 60-years old contemporaries!


He consults with high-ranked others in his field where he has especially challenging cases, which I find super responsible and an extra benefit.


As a bonus, he knows physical therapy techniques that allow him to pinch and stop the worst behaving muscle spasms. It is wonderful seeing how deeply he enjoys working us through and out of those pains. His goofy cackle warning of impending pinch pain is an ongoing thing of merriment.

Anjala E.

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