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Do you experience chronic pain or tightness?
When did you stop reaching for things on the high shelf?
Leave something you dropped on the floor because it is too painful to pick it up?
Become unable to sit on the floor and play with your kids or grandkids?
We give up our lives slowly--one choice at a time--unnoticed.
We stop lifting, stop reaching, stop bending, stop playing, stop walking...
We stop doing the things we NEED, WANT and LOVE to do...
And we don't realize it--until one day--we do.
One person wants to get out of a chair. Another person wants to run a marathon. Another wants to live an active, vibrant lifestyle.
When was the last time someone asked you what YOU WANTED to do...
And you wondered if it mattered.



Ways That Facing Forward Fitness Can Help YOU Live YOUR BEST Life NOW!

Our Services

Our Process


Book your Free Consultation

Take the first step and contact us to speak with a team member to see if Facing Forward Fitness is right for you. If you think that a combination of services would serve you best--NOT a problem!

Let's chat and brainstorm about your goals! 


Schedule Your Assessment

You'll complete a posture, flexibility, strength, and movement assessment live with a coach. Assessments are required before enrolling in any fitness plan. Please book after your consultation.


Choose YOUR Program

With your goals and assessment in mind, we’ll help guide you to the best program or combination that’s right for you. Together, we'll get you back to the things that you need, want, and love to do!


See what our members are saying...

Facing Forward Fitness is ohana--a family and community of like-minded people who support and encourage one another as they strive to live their BEST LIVES NOW!

Anjala E., Portland

After a fender-bender my right knee was strongly bent inward. Because of this I was experiencing constant low back aches. My left leg took over a lot off the work from the right and that further weakened the right leg and hip. Chiropractor after chiropractor were not fixing the underlying problem.

Under Mark’s precise guidance, I have restored more balance to my stance, the back aches are gone, the right knee has straightened by inches, and I am fitter and more supple than most of my 60-years old contemporaries!

Robert D., Portland

After working with physical trainers for almost 20 years, I can confidently say that Mark is an exceptional coach.  With an experienced eye for movement habits and patterns, Mark consistently meets and trains my body however it is on any given day, discerning the right amount of challenge to offer and encourage.  In the years that I have trained with Mark, I have become physically stronger, more aware and confident of my body’s movement capacity, remained injury free, and had fun in his presence.  He is a warm, kind, and respectful coach.  I am so grateful for his care and expertise, not only for my body, but for the whole of my attitude and outlook on training and life.

Eva E., Portland

A note to anyone who might be concerned about getting a very considerate fitness coach.

I had let Mark know that I was having a terrible time using a face mask and being able to breathe without my glasses fogging up when working out.  Didn't know what I was going to do.

Several days later his wife, Sarah found the answer and bought 12 or so for Mark's clients to use.

Now that is taking care of his clients and whatever problems they may need to have solved.

Way to go Mark and Sarah!

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