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Facing Forward Life Coaching

It's NEVER TOO Late to face forward!

What is a Life Coach? ​Basically, a life coach is like the navigator in your car. We help our Clients look at where they are in life, where they want to be, and then help them select and navigate the route to get there. And sometimes, because often obstacles get in the way, we help them recalculate the route. Life Coaches are trained to ask in-depth questions and actively listen to the answers so we can help our Clients set and reach their goals. We are not counselors, delving into the dark recesses of our Clients’ lives and fixing what is wrong. Nor are we mentors, passing along our great wisdom and vast experience. We come alongside our Clients as equals, firmly believing that they are the experts on their lives. We confirm. We encourage. And occasionally we confront. Not because we know what’s right for you, but because we believe that deep down, you know. We just help you discover it.​Can Life Coaching Help You?​Are you contemplating making a change, in the process of changing, or are you  reeling from a change you hadn’t foreseen? Then a Life Coach can help you. ​​​

We have a variety of programs available with both Coach Mark & Coach Sarah

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