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From Kickboxing to Pilates: How Leading Ladies Stay Fit

We’re not on-board the celebrity worship train, but we couldn’t help but notice that four of the world’s most compelling veteran actresses have birthdays in August.

They all look stay healthy and fit in mostly relatable ways. So, here are few tips from press interviews with these amazing ladies on aging, exercise and taking care of yourself.

Action icon Michelle Yeoh, born 8-6-62

The matriarch of “Crazy Rich Asians” made her name kicking butt on screen. She stays in shape with cardio and kickboxing.

"The biggest respect you pay to the people you're fighting is being accurate. So when they say to punch the person in the sternum, you don't end up punching them in the throat," she said. "I practice every day."

Oscar-winner Viola Davis, born 8-11-65

Davis works out religiously by running and lifting weights, despite long days of filming.

“With age and experience come confidence — and there is nothing more beautiful to radiate than that. When you reach a certain age, the playing field is leveled in terms of looks, and what you’re left with is your self-worth and how you impact others,” Davis said.

‘Black Panther’ mother Angela Bassett, born 8-16-58

Bassett’s muscular arms got attention when she played Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got to Do With It” in the 1990s. And, as people like to say, she hasn’t aged a bit.

“I do a lot of cardio as well as strength building, and squeeze in meditation when I can,” Bassett said.

‘The Closer’ star Kyra Sedgwick, born 8-19-65

“I’ve had a Peloton for a couple years now. I’m grateful for it,” the New Yorker said about exercising at home. “And I can get on my yoga mat and do a Pilates class. I have a magic ring and a few other things. I need exercise for my brain. I always have.”

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