Semi-Private Training

Allow your budget to stretch a bit further

Semi-Private Training is our flagship service and this is where we shine. Choose Semi-Private Training as a way to get started with an exercise routine, to help you achieve ambitious fitness goals, to rehab after an injury, to take you to the next level, or simply because you work hard and you want the best!

We’re dedicated to help you be your best.

We will help you to create a schedule that works for you. Choose one weekly session as an anchor workout to motivate and keep you accountable. Or, make it two or three times a week, and attack your fitness goals with a no-excuses coach dedicated to help you be your best. The sky’s the limit… you can even mix and match with adding other services offered to add some some variety to your routine! Whether you are looking for strength training, flexibility, cardio conditioning, Life Coaching, Tae Kwon Do--we will show you how to banish “boring” from your workout vocabulary.

An individualized program for you

The expert team at Pacific Fitness & Coaching will create an individualized program for you based on your fitness and life goals. You will be assessed, monitored, motivated, and held accountable like never before. Personal Training is your BEST option for maximum results.

Services Available

  • Post Rehabilitation Training 

  • Athlete Training

  • Fascia Stretch Therapy sessions

  • Never Too Late Life Coaching