Small Group Training

Let’s face it. Your workout routine sometimes get stale. Boring. And you get stuck in a rut.
Or sometimes you just need to get started again.

Our Small Group Training program provides you an awesome setting to mix-it-up,
get as an intense workout as you desire, and to get extremely motivated.

"Sweat Options"

Strong Group Fitness Class:

This high energy class is a total body workout emphasizing mobility training, core training, resistance training, functional fitness and metabolic training, 

Shred Group Fitness Class:

This “Total Development” Functional Fitness class is a fusion of resistance training, cardio, sports drills and an array of new and exciting exercises to keep you constantly challenged. Can you say CALORIE BURN!!! (ladies, you can expect to burn a minimum of 450+ cals per workout; gentlemen, you can expect to burn 600+ cals).

Recovery Options


A relaxing program that improves mobility and flexibility, joint health, decreases pain, and promote ease of movement. In short, LifeStretch will help your body move better and FEEL BETTER.

Email for current schedules and NEW classes! 

Sign up required. Limited to 4 per session.